Spring is Just Around the Corner! Don’t be surpThroughout this investigation, your child will build important skills in literacy, math, science, and more. The InvestiGators and their friends will learn how trees, fruit, vegetables, and flowers grow and how the food we eat gets from the farm to the grocery store. rised if your child’s thumb starts turning green! As a member of the InvestiGators Club, your child will learn all about what plants do for us and what we can do to grow healthy plants. Throughout this investigation, your child will build important skills in literacy, math, science, and more. The InvestiGators and their friends will learn how trees, fruit, vegetables, and flowers grow and how the food we eat gets from the farm to the grocery store.

March is National Reading Month, our pre-k 3 & 4 year old friends will be assigned a book a week. Please read this book at home with them and let them dress like any character from the book on Friday of that week. We will let our friends act out the book on Friday, giving them a great opportunity to express their narrative skills.

Please view our full Newsletter for announcements, updates, important dates and more about this month’s home assignments!

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Happy New Year! Thank you for the wonderful cards, gifts, and goodies. A new year always gives us hope of renewed opportunities to accomplish great things. We sure hope you’ve set some lofty goals for your family this year that include prayer, exercise, healthy eating, and rest. We just know this year will be great!

We appreciate all your referrals for new families, keep them coming! We are working to employ new people to meet the demand of new families. If you know of someone who loves children and is looking to become a classroom aid in a childcare center, please have them give us a call to set up an interview.

It’s a great time to study weather and the four seasons! This month our little learners will join Dilly and her friends to learn all about rain, snow, clouds, sun, light, the four seasons, and more! The books of the month are What’s the Weather with Bruno’s Buzz and The Snowy Day by Jack Keats.

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Winter is almost here! Our friends have been doing a great job learning how to button and zipper their coats. It is important for all children to be dressed appropriately for the outdoors and dismissal in the cold and wet weather.

Unless otherwise stated KidzStuff will follow the Baltimore City Public Schools delays or closure decisions due to inclement weather. Please be sure we always have your current telephone numbers on file to receive up to date inclement weather closure notifications.

It’s time for your child to meet some real-life finny, feathery, furry friends. Along with the InvestiGator Club, your child is going to learn all about animals, from pets to farm animals to creatures in the wild. We will develop important skills such as safety around animals and what animals need to stay happy and healthy.

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Greetings KidzStuff Families,

Attached is our November Newsletter and Activity Calendar.

Please do not forget your child’s uniform and bagged lunch for tomorrow’s field trip. We will leave at 10:00 a.m. and return at 2:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars, we have another full month ahead:

Rescheduled Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

November 6, 2022  

End of Daylight Savings

November 8, 2022 

Election Day – Closed

 November 7-11, 2022 

World Kindness Week

November 16 – 17, 2022 

Parent Teacher Conferences

November 18, 2022 

Family Thanksgiving Luncheon

November 24, 2022 

Thanksgiving – Closed

November 25, 2022 

Center Closed

The KidzStuff Administrative Team 

November Newsletter November Activities

Put on your hard hats-it’s time to build! Along with the InvestiGatorv Club, your child is going to learn about all things construction, including construction vehicles and sites, homes, tools and household helpers, and carpentry.

Throughout this Investigation, your child will be learning math skillsv that relate to building, hearing construction stories, making building plans, and building with many different materials.

As the leaves begin to change color, and the cool winds start to blow, please remember to send your child(ren) with weather appropriate clothing, including rain boots and splash pants.

October will be a busy month; please look at our activity calendar to keep up with all the exciting things we have going on.

View and download our October Newsletter…

A New School Year

We can smell the new pencils and crayons in the air, all our big kids and preschoolers have gone off to school, we are NOT ok! Although we are crying and full of bittersweet memories, we pray they have an amazing school year full of adventure, safety, and new beginnings …

Getting to Know You

For our September “Getting to Know You” unit please send pictures of your family to school with your child(ren) by Monday, September 19, 2022. We will cut and glue these pictures for classroom projects, please do not send original pictures.

This is just a glimpse of what is going on… view and/or download our September Newsletter to get all of the details!

Sizzling Summer Fun

We can’t believe we only have three more weeks of summer programming to go! Our summer program friends have enjoyed field trips, games, arts and crafts, pool fun and so much more. We hope they have had a blast!

Yearly Paperwork Renewal

All paperwork must be renewed annually. We are updating all files this month. If your child has received any immunizaitons recently, we need to have the most recent copy of their record. Every child’s emergency contact form and food program form must be updated.  You can locate all forms on our Online Forms Page here on our website and they were all included as attachments to our newsletter as well.

Weather Forecast: HOT!

Here we are beginning the first month of summer! The weather is getting hot and so are we… hot to polish off your child’s learning, in preparation for next year. During the summer months we will help your child enjoy fun activities and develop critical learning skills.

For the first two weeks of June our Investigations will celebrate the  uniqueness of the four seasons. Each new season brings different sights and  sounds for children to explore: the blazing sun in summer; the howling wind  and cracking of colorful leaves in fall: cold temperatures and glistening snow  in winter; and baby birds, bugs, and colorful blooms in spring. The four  seasons provide many investigating opportunities for our little InvestiGators.

May brings us to the end of another school year. Thank you for all your support throughout this school year. Your providing supplies for our parties, reading to our friends, bringing recycled items from home, and sharing your special talents with our classes enriches our program. KidzStuff is a year-round program and does not close, we are transitioning to summer programming. All children can put away their uniforms beginning on June 6, 2022 until the 2022/2023 school year begins in September 2022.

We’re setting sail on a new adventure studying water, the water’s edge, and the animals that live in and around this precious resources. With Dilly and her friends, your child is going to learn about oceans, rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

We’re super excited about our summer program “Rainbow Explorers”, our friends will explore the colors of the Rainbow through arts & crafts, summer reading fun, field trips, math activities, science and more.

Please read this month’s newsletter to find out more about what’s going on at Kidz Stuff this month….