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Read our Blog and find out what’s going on at Kidz Stuff!

Latest News

Read our Blog and find out what’s going on at Kidz Stuff!

Back to School

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. This school year will be BRIGHT, COLORFUL and FUN! Our new friends will embrace a superb new experience where he/she will explore, learn, and discover new possibilities. Your child will be introduced to important concepts in language, literacy, math, social and emotional growth, and STEM.


Summer is coming to an end, so is our adventure with our dinosaur friends as they are going back to being extinct. And for our infants and toddlers, it’s almost time for our bug mates to hibernate, but our firends have enjoyed being Entomologists for the last couple of months! Learn more about what’s going on […]

New Alameda Location | Kidz Stuff Child Care

Find out more about eligibility and requirements: Who is eligible for free Preschool? What documentation is required?


See our June Recap – Congrats to the class of 2023! We will continue studying the life cycle of dinosaurs, their body types, what they like to eat and their habitats, and more!

Dinosaurs! \ Kidzstuff Preschool Program

This month we’lll learn about Herbivore Dinosaurs, these are our plant-based diet dinosaurs. Let’s see how many vegetables we can get our friends to try as they learn about Herbivores! Learn more…

Infants and Toddlers Learn about Bugs

Lots of bugs have settled in our Infant/Toddler World! Read about our summer bug schedule, important dates coming up this month, Infant/Toddler Milestones and all announcements and updates in this month’s newsletter.

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