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Our Programs

Kidz Stuff Child Care Center offers a Before & After School Program, Summer School Programs and Pre-K Programs. See details as to each program below.

Interested in our programs?

  • The following activities are provided before school:
    • Breakfast
    • Table Play
    • Educational Gaming
  • The following activities are provided after school:
    • Afternoon Snack
    • Fitness & Physical Activity
    • 1 Hour of Homework Help
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Technology Development

Before & After School Program

Our Before and After School Program consists of fun, exciting, educational mornings and afternoons. Our program allows school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences.

Summer School Program

Full day summer programming is offered for School-Age students between the ages of 5-12 from June to August. Our summer program is an extension of our Investigators Club Curriculum. Our summer curriculum is designed so your child can explore bi-weekly themes that are made up of daily activities.

  • Weekly Field Trips - COVID -19 prevents us from taking field trips during the summer of 2020
  • Special Themed Projects
  • Physical Fitness
  • Community Service - COVID-19 Prevents us from doing outside community service during the Summer of 2020
  • Language & Literacy
    Supports language skills by identifying and reinforcing vocabulary and strengthening conversation skills.
  • Mathematics
    Builds a foundation for later mathematical competence, including number, geometry and measurement concepts.
  • Science and Social Studies
    Addresses all areas of development with exposure to rich science and social studies, including hands-on exploration.
  • The Arts
    Promotes children’s sense of competence, curiosity, and creativity through creative exploration, discovery, and imaginative play.
  • Physical Development
    • Builds large motor skills through free outdoor play and keep fit activities.
    • Fosters fine motor skills through hands-on activities across the content areas.
  • Social and Emotional Development
    • Helps children develop social skills
    • Builds children’s awareness of their own feelings, and those of others

Pre-K Program

Three/Four-Year-Old Care: Preschool
The InvestiGator Club covers all domains of learning: Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, The Arts, Physical Development, and Social and Emotional Development.

Examples of activities we provide to support Developmental Milestones

Preschool Activities

  • Small Muscle Development

    puzzles, blocks, artistic activities (drawing, painting etc.)

  • Large Muscle

    crawling, marching, running, jumping, dancing, stretching, and general exercising

  • Creative Play

    (stimulate child(ren)’s imagination, and language skills) play areas may include; kitchen, store, doctor’s office, post office, dress up, and puppets

  • Arts Activities

    children are encouraged to express creativity and feelings through various artistic activities

  • Music

    Finger plays, singing, participating in expressive dancing and action songs

  • Science

    Experiences that encourage questioning, investigating, observing, discovering and problem solving (cooking, growing a plant, bug hunts, etc.)

  • Math

    incorporating daily experiences to help children understand math concepts such as volume, size, shape, and measurements (sand/water play, sorting/counting objects)

  • Spatial Concepts

    helping children to understand the concept of in, out, over, under, besides, in front of etc. through movement and interaction

  • Language Arts

    children are consistently engaged in conversations to encourage self-expression by participating in group social conversations, storytelling, puppet play, role-play etc. taking turns, and being an attentive listener

  • Outdoor Play

    Outdoor play is a part of our daily schedule, weather permitting (please be sure your child is dressed appropriately). Outdoors activities are planned to support large muscle development and coordination and includes water play, bike riding, planned group games, running, jumping, etc.

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