See our Annual Tuition Rates below.

KidzStuff accepts Maryland Child Care Scholarships. Child Care Scholarships are available for qualified families through Maryland State Department of Education.

Registration Fee

One Week’s Tuition Per Child

Registration fee is payable at the time of registration with a credit/debit card. This fee is non-refundable and secures your family’s opening for no more than a two week period of time or until you have accepted an opening offered by the center for your child.

  • Day Care Tuition
  • Infant/Toddler (6 weeks -23 months)
    $294.00 per week
  • Two-Year Old
    $212.00 per week
  • Pre-School Age (3-5 years)
    $207.00 per week
  • School-Age (6-12 Years)
    Before & After Care
    $185.00 per week
  • $100.00 Yearly Curriculum Fee

    Fees for special activities as they occur

  • Evening/Night Care Tuition Suspended
  • Evening care is suspended due to COVID-19
  • Extended Care Tuition is Suspended
  • Extended care is suspended due to COVID-19
  • Summer Programming Tuition
  • Start Date: 1st week after school ends
  • Registration Fee
    One Week’s Tuition
  • School-Age Kids
    (5-12 years)
    $185.00 per week
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